Sunday, August 31, 2008

Expect the Unexpected - 30 Aug

Landed in what looks like new airport in Bangalore just before midnight. I had the option of a 4 hour taxi ride to Mysore or spend the night in Bangalore and then take the train to Mysore the next day. I choose the latter.

Initially I had booked the hotel through a hotel search engine. However, it turned out to be an adventure finding the hotel. Went through empty streets flanked by 1 storey shops. It was quite bizarre - although the streets was empty, we would come across small groups of people walking or talking in a huddle every few blocks. Almost like a scene off the Twilight Zone.

We finally found the hotel in a quiet section of the city, after calling for directions no less than 4 times. Turned out my internet booking was no use as the guy at the reception just looked at my booking slip blankly ( I had a feeling he would rather continue with his sleep). I looked around and saw no signs of a computer in the vicinity. Luckily he had a spare room after I agreed to pay the rate listed in his brochure.

I woke up early the next morning, partly because I became concerned when I asked whether it's easy to get to the train station and all I got was a good night wish and a head wobble. There were still no signs of other guests when I checked out. The hotel looked great, though. I'm pretty sure if I had checked in at a reasonable time, I would have a better impression.

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