Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Practice This Week

The weekend at Port Dickson was restful and nice. No yoga. Just family time at the beach. Food there is so cheap, compared with KL's prices. Hainanese cooks still exist in some restaurants, and they make the best chicken chop with fries! The beach is all right. But you can't beat the east coast of Malaysia for quality of beach and clear seas.

Could not fit in practice this morning as I woke up late. But, managed to fit in a quick practice after work. Today's practice was sweaty as it was about to rain when I started. Somehow, rainy days make the air so humid. Am thankful for the cotton rugs I bought from Mysore as I was starting to slip and slide on the mat. As I woke up this morning with a stiff neck, I skipped shoulder and headstand during finishing. The abbreviated practice today felt great as I felt more energised than I normally would. Tomorrow is moon day, so no practice - which I'm quite happy about. Looking forward to class on Friday evening, although it might be a full vinyasa led class as last Fridays and Sundays of the month are full vinyasa days at the studio I go to!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Led Primary

Made it to the Friday morning class as I took leave from work today. Class started with ujjayi breathing while in a forward bend. "Focus on the ujjayi breaths. Use it to block out the noise outside. Along the way, you may pick up some sensations with the breath..." our teacher was saying, with tongue in cheek, as just then the garbage truck was making some ruckus outside the studio. Ya, ha ha, good one.

After the truck passed, led class started. Class was nice, the early awareness of the breaths was helpful to the practice. I find I'm getting my head to the mat at Prasarita Padottanasana A quite consistently during my practice now. My legs are quite wide apart, though. I'm still not able to put my head down in B, but I can now feel my hair touching the mat. That said, my last haircut was a month ago. I think I'll start moving my feet in after I can get my head on the mat in A. B, C and D and come up on my own. I have once got my head down in B, but my legs were bent and I found I could not get up without the use of my hands.

Great to have practiced in a class. Now off to Port Dickson for the weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Road Rage

A car jumped queue and cut in front of me. All of a sudden, I felt this uncontrollable anger growing inside me. The lane cleared and I can feel myself pressing the pedal a little too harshly than I should. I had to literally hold myself back. Then, what do you know - I noticed the offending car stuck in a slow lane. As my car passed his, our eyes met and I'm so tempted to show him the finger. I took some long ujayi breaths - it worked long enough for me to pass his car without showing him the finger, but really, not enough to dissipate the rage inside.

Made it to class early today. I was the second one there. But the first student is staying out of the shala as Manoj (our teacher) was in the front of the studio, sitting absolutely still and meditating. It was the first time I see him meditating in class. I lay out my mat silently and also sat silently, just enjoying the stillness. At once, I feel the rage leaving me - the energy was so good. I wonder, though - did my negative energy sap his positive energy?

Class was great. I've done some self practice early this week. It felt so energising practising with other people. Their energy just seem to add a bit more energy to my practice. After class, I find myself wondering whether to incorporate sitting still and do some sort of meditation as part of my practice.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Practice Notes - 5 March 2009

Am excited as I experienced something different in my jump back during practice today. I wanted to see how my jump back will be affected if I extend my inhale during the lift up. At the end of the asana, I prolonged the inhale during the look up part as well as the exhale as I put my hands down in preparation for the lift. I then started the lift and then concentrated on a slow and extended inhale as I continue lifting as high as I can in the span of the inhale. The result felt like a much higher lift back. Wished I had a camera to see the difference. Sometimes one feels a lot of difference in the movement but visually it is only a tiny difference.

Anyway, this may be peculiar only to me; or just peculiar to today's practice. The impact on savasana was terrible - instead of emptying my mind, I was thinking of documenting my practice. Bad man! The rest of the practice felt nice - it has been very humid in KL lately and it was like practicing in a sauna! Which made today's practice all the more surprising as I was trying to hold back and concentrate on the breath. Sometimes when you don't expect much, the practice can surprise you.