Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Practice This Week

The weekend at Port Dickson was restful and nice. No yoga. Just family time at the beach. Food there is so cheap, compared with KL's prices. Hainanese cooks still exist in some restaurants, and they make the best chicken chop with fries! The beach is all right. But you can't beat the east coast of Malaysia for quality of beach and clear seas.

Could not fit in practice this morning as I woke up late. But, managed to fit in a quick practice after work. Today's practice was sweaty as it was about to rain when I started. Somehow, rainy days make the air so humid. Am thankful for the cotton rugs I bought from Mysore as I was starting to slip and slide on the mat. As I woke up this morning with a stiff neck, I skipped shoulder and headstand during finishing. The abbreviated practice today felt great as I felt more energised than I normally would. Tomorrow is moon day, so no practice - which I'm quite happy about. Looking forward to class on Friday evening, although it might be a full vinyasa led class as last Fridays and Sundays of the month are full vinyasa days at the studio I go to!

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