Thursday, April 2, 2009

Death Wish

Had a close shave on the way to work this morning. This motorcyclist suddenly appeared in my front of my car trying get from the left lane to the far right. Luckily, traffic was congested so cars were not travelling fast. Managed to brake in time; but this guy didn't appear to realise that there may be a car on the next lane. Helpless, I watched him bumped into the car on my right; and somehow he managed to get to the pavement on the right hand side of the car! He seemed fine, but I'm guessing he'll be facing some verbal abuse from the driver of the car. So, the adage for today was - better late than never.

Practice today was great. Marichyasana D is getting there. Nowhere near binding by myself but I feel I'm getting deeper. Lately, during headstand, I'm starting to get a feel for Urdhva Dandasana. Somehow, today I could not seem to get the hips flexion to get the legs down. After a couple of seconds trying, I decided to give Urdhva Dandasana a miss. Better slow to advance in asana than be injured.

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