Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Futsal Last Night

Went to my weekly game of futsal last night. There were 17 of us, so some of us would wait for one of the teams of fives to be eliminated before going in. It was towards the end of our allotted 2 hour session when another team was supposed to go in again. I was waiting to see how many players would enter the pitch when one of the players called out in my direction, "Vanessa, get in!". I looked up and a few others joined in, looking at me and calling in unison "Vanessa, your turn". Puzzled, I got up and muttered to my buddy next to me - "Why are they calling me Vanessa?". I got an all too loud reply, "They're calling you Van der Sar. Go and clean your ears, old man!". Nice buddies I have in futsal. I guess they are calling me Van der Sar because I look a bit like the goalkeeper at Manchester United. Not sure if it's a compliment but it beats being called Vanessa. For a painful moment, I thought I had been given a new nickname for playing like a girl. I was ready to blame the yoga - all this ahimsa nonsense!

Recently my wife noticed my spending a lot of time reading yoga blogs. The other day, she gave me a funny look when she caught me watching back to back episodes of "The Biggest Loser". If I'm not careful, she might start calling me Vanessa.


futsal shoes said...

Hello van der sar, do you play champion league? :D
well i think futsal is a good game to play. it is need a lot of energy if you can optimize it.

M_in_M said...

Hi futsal shoes. I would love to play in the Champions League but they tell me I'm too old. Fortunately, the real Van der Sar will still be playing in the Champions League as Man Utd defeated Porto FC yesterday!!

Nike5 Gato Street said...

Wow VDS not retired yet?
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