Thursday, March 5, 2009

Practice Notes - 5 March 2009

Am excited as I experienced something different in my jump back during practice today. I wanted to see how my jump back will be affected if I extend my inhale during the lift up. At the end of the asana, I prolonged the inhale during the look up part as well as the exhale as I put my hands down in preparation for the lift. I then started the lift and then concentrated on a slow and extended inhale as I continue lifting as high as I can in the span of the inhale. The result felt like a much higher lift back. Wished I had a camera to see the difference. Sometimes one feels a lot of difference in the movement but visually it is only a tiny difference.

Anyway, this may be peculiar only to me; or just peculiar to today's practice. The impact on savasana was terrible - instead of emptying my mind, I was thinking of documenting my practice. Bad man! The rest of the practice felt nice - it has been very humid in KL lately and it was like practicing in a sauna! Which made today's practice all the more surprising as I was trying to hold back and concentrate on the breath. Sometimes when you don't expect much, the practice can surprise you.

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