Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aug 31 - Merdeka!

Today marks the 54th anniversary of Malaysia's independence from colonial rule. Actually, technically it's Malaya's independence. There is a whole other story about the difference of Malaya and Malaysia. Will not cover it here since this is about my trip in Mysore. But first, Happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysians.

Second practice at the shala went better. I was more stable during UHP, less dancing, less work for Saraswathi. But still unstable. I heard "touch"; so I tried to bring my head to the knee. but all's that changed was my breathing being more laboured. My knee feels great - by that I mean, no discomfort in the area where my ligament was torn. I tried less fidgeting before my backbends. I'm already trying to prepare for the led class this Friday. Naturally, my breaths become shorter - so my focus during my practice now is to slow down my breath and somehow get more air in and out. That would, of course, mean me staying up longer. But this is as good as any place to build up the discipline!

Got my first coconut corner experience. Usually, I have my coconut right outside the shala. But this time the few number of students meant the absence of the mobile coconut stand just outside the shala. Hence, the trip to coconut corner near Ganesh temple. There were initially 4 of us there - each from different countries. As time went by, more students pop round. Quickly, I could see how a possible ten minutes drinking coconut could turn into an hour social session. I left early as already I was distracted by thoughts of my delicious breakfast waiting for me at my hotel's rooftop.


Claire said...

Hi Daddy, we miss you. Captain. 

M_in_M said...

Hi Captain. I miss you too. Please send love to CY and Mummy.

Claire said...

I did. Cy is very annoying. :(
We miss you and love you.
We have school on Friday and Saturday.

MOBOJ said...

CL & CY are very lazy but entertaining. We have found a new Hoover whose wing chun is more powerful than yours. She calls up announcing she's lonely and needy, so we take nervous to lunch during which she takes over your role. Guess who she is. I have nothing spiritual or inspiring to add but really like the lookmof your roof top breakfast. I too would rush back post sivasana. Moboj

M_in_M said...

Wow. Lonely, needy, nervous and a Hoover. Can't really guess. Grandma could sometimes be a Hoover but then she is definitely not nervous nor lonely. Hmmm, could it be Coco the miniature pinscher?

Miss you guys. Slowly settling in. Weather is a bit rainy so been catching up on "How I Met Your Mother". Now on Season 4. Yikes. 1 week not up yet. I need more DVDs!