Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept 1 - Third Practice

Getting the hang of the routine now. Am faster to get ready. First one in shala today. So far, the routine has been practice, then breakfast at 8am, then time on computer or walking around. Then lunch at around 1.30pm. And that's it with regards to food. I think I'm losing weight. I've started to buy snacks but I'm thinking maybe I should eat something like a smoothie at around 5pm. I basically start winding down after 6pm. So, that's my typical day in Mysore.

There is no led class tomorrow. Normal Mysore practice tomorrow and Saturday. Led class, though, on Sunday as Monday is a holiday. Was looking forward to led class. Part of the fun is that when my part ends, I get to watch the awe inspiring practices of my fellow shala aspirants. That will have to wait till Sunday.

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