Saturday, September 3, 2011

Led Class - Sept 4

Led class was 6.30am today. So, had a nice lie in till 5am. Feels strange to write that last sentence, but surprisingly, true. Tomorrow is day off - wonder what time I should get up. Anyway, back to led class. As expected, Saraswathi's count is so consistent. Really enjoyed her led class - everybody moving at the same time, all the breaths coming and going at the same time. Made the mistake of laying my mat at the front left corner. Wrong place to be to watch the other practices when one is done with his practice. Next time, I'll pick a spot in the middle of the back row.

As a treat to completing 6 days back to back practice, I've booked myself a 2 hour massage at the ayurvedic centre just round the corner from my hotel. I'm hoping it's not too oily and that the oil is easy to wash off. We'll see - fingers crossed.

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