Friday, September 9, 2011

Led Class And Early Birthday Cake For Saraswathi - Sept 10

Saraswathi turns 70 tomorrow. As there is no class tomorrow, some of the yogis decided to surprise her with a birthday cake after class. It was fantastic to see the love and respect her students have for her. Also nice was the sharing of the cake after we sang happy birthday and the blowing out of the candles. I would have loved to take some pictures, but I missed the opportunity.

So all this was after led class, which started at 6.30am. There's something nice about how disciplined all the students are, staying in the pose until she calls out the next vinyasa. Because the breaths are in unison, it is like the breaths are amplified. This time I managed to secured a place in the back row so I had a good view of the practices of the others when I reached my part of the series. Amazing flexibility and equally amazing focus. All very motivating!

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