Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mobile Number - Sept 2

One thing I noticed during my trips here is that roaming charges, be it voice or data, is really expensive between India and Malaysia. This time I decided to explore the possibility of a prepaid mobile plan. After lots of walking around, eventually I found a place that will get u a new prepaid number. It's at a shop right across Ganesh temple. There are 2 small roads opposite the temple - the shop is on the road on the left as u look from the temple. To get a new number, u'll need 75 rupees and at least 20 rupees recharge value - say 100 rupees in total. And also a copy of your passport.

Was quite tempted but I'm using an iPhone that is locked to a mobile provider in Malaysia. Somehow, I did not want to risk it as I'm already relying on my phone to access the Internet, plus I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to open my iPhone up to access the sim card inside. In any case, I'm using Viber, which allow Skypelike calls through wifi, and it worked great!!

Practice was great this morning, although I felt a bit tired because of the celebratory noises from Ganesh festival last night. I must have snored during Savasana because someone mentioned I was sleeping while resting. Am so relieved I didn't receive a "bad man, no sleeping in shala"!

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