Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Practice - Sept 8

Yay. Saraswathi got my fingers to touch on the 2nd side of Mari D. And as much as I was thrilled at this breakthrough, I was equally thrilled at Saraswathi's reaction when the fingers touched. It was a laugh of joy at her student's progress, an expression of delight that the work she has put in and the daily practice has brought about this result that 10 days ago would have seem impossible. Just experiencing this interaction with Saraswathi makes trips like this so worthwhile, so memorable.

All this really adds meaning to expressions such as "Guru Parampara" and "practice and all is coming".


Ninie Ahmad said...

Hi Earn Chin!

Glad to read you are in Mysore again! It felt like yesterday I bumped into you at Alexis a couple of days before I flew to Toronto.

I'm reading your every new post in Mysore with joy and excitement imagining I am in Mysore too.

It's a shame I haven't been there and dare calling myself an aspiring Ashtangi.

But - I did a Mysore Primary & Intermediate Series on first day of Hari Raya at Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Toronto! I guess that's a start :)

Enjoy your stay and savour your practice in Mysore and if it's not too much, send some amazing Saraswathi & Mysore energy to me on one day of your practice?

Love and light,

M_in_M said...

Hi Ninie!

Sure thing, tomorrow is led class. Will send Saraswathi's and the shala's energy over to u. :)

Fantastic that you practiced on the 1st day of Raya. That's dedication!

And I hope you'll get the time to get to Mysore. It's a really wonderful experience for me and I'm sure it'll be for u too!