Monday, September 12, 2011

Final Week - Sept 13

Onto my final week in Mysore. Good time to summarise my trips here. Coming here to learn at the very place where Guruji has taught and to learn from his daughter is really a blessing for me. I love the practice and I'm grateful for these opportunities. There is a simplicity and directness in the way it is taught that draws me to this place. Few words, and where u need help, it is always there. Even if u want to escape that help, the sharp eyes will notice and you'll be told to wait - for help will be coming. This is how generous Saraswathi is.

And regardless of how many students there are, there are very little conversation in the shala. Even hellos are said in hushed tones. You can't help but get wrapped up in reverence when you enter the shala. Once you are outside the shala, is an entirely different scenario. If you want to, it is easy to get into the social scene - the coconut corner, the various cafes, etc.

But the main draw is the yoga. You time your sleep around your practice time. You'll even time your meal times! The challenge for me will be to incorporate all this when I go back to Malaysia. I'll probably have to modify my schedule, sometimes fall off it; but, hey, that's yoga!


Beth said...

Hi Chin, I've really enjoyed reading about your time with Saraswathy, Beth

M_in_M said...

Thanks, Beth. It's really a privilege learning from her. Hey, heard Coco did well in her obedience exam. Wow, over 80%! Mum deserves congratulations too! She must be so proud.