Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot and Humid in Kuala Lumpur

These past few days in Kuala Lumpur have been HOT! With its humidity, practicing this morning was like practicing in a sauna. By the end of the third sun salutation A, sweat puddles were forming where my palms meet the mat. It is fortunate indeed for the yoga community in Kuala Lumpur that I was practicing by myself. There was real fear that if I did not use a cotton rug over my mat, my palms will slip from under me and my face will be flattened (some would speculate improved).

Anyway I was prepared for an easy practice, it being the first day after a moon day. However, with the heat, I found I was going quite deep (for my standards). Marichyasana D is coming along. I could bend my left arm around my right knee and the right hand could find my left thigh (or maybe it was the left side of my shorts). Left side is still faraway but my right arm could bend a bit and can reach my left foot so that's encouraging.

At this stage of my practice, I'm also trying to focus on my back bends. Normally I would just do 3 back bends. These days I'm adding one more after taking a breather. For this last one I would try to walk the hands in. Haven't succeeded yet. All I managed was to lift my hands a centimeter off the mat and come back down.

By the way, is the dristhi for upward dog the nose tip or the third eye space? I was searching Yoga Mala but could not find the answer.