Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Class Today

Made it to Tuesday's flow class today. First time since the Chinese New Year festival started! Started with a bit of pranayama; which is nice as it helps bring the mind to present after a day's work. Then asanas started with sivananda styled sun salutations. I think they are really good for someone like me with tight hips.

Today's focus was on backbends. I know it's good for me; but it seems so daunting. Anyway, I managed to struggle through it. There was one pose that looked so simple - it was a variation of cobra with one leg bent and one arm lifted at the same side - we're supposed to keep the elbow in line with the body but somehow mine just stayed splayed out to the side! Others can do it, some could even catch the leg that was bent behind!

I was quietly trying, but not too hard as I was trying to keep even breaths. All of a sudden, when it came to Kapotasana, my teacher singled me out to demonstrate a dropback to the posture! Maybe it was punishment for my lack of tapas, or maybe it's a demo that if this stiff man can try a drop back, then the rest can jolly well try!

For those who have seen my upward dog, (http://malaysianinmysore.blogspot.com/2008/10/testing-video-upload.html) there was no way that I could drop back successfully. But teacher has given the command, so I dutifully followed. Luckily he was kind - just when I was anticipating a drop to my head, I felt support from Manoj.

I felt great after class. It wasn't a tiring practice. It was softer and at the same time, so challenging that the mind had to stay present and focused. Of course, the focus came after the shock of having to demonstrate in class!

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