Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting Back

Went to the gym to get my battered body back into action, The fond memories of the gym came back as I entered the gym. This was the place where I have spent a lot time doing rehab exercises after the surgery on my shoulder. I haven't even started yoga then. But the awareness in healing my body started in this place.

Anyway, started on the treadmill. The back felt fine even at jogging pace. Then tested range of motion with light weights. Felt really good after the session. I think it may be good to set some time aside for strength and cardio work, besides the yoga. I find sometimes with ashtanga, where for me the sequence is repetitive, there is a tendency of overworking certain joint movements. Perhaps, sacrificing some practice days with gym days has its benefits.

Time, though, is a constraint. At times I'm tempted to just practice daily in my eagerness to advance further in the primary series. That's when I find the discipline to practice detachment hard. This may all be a moot point. I have an appointment to do a stress test with a cardiologist as part of my medical check up. With my family's history of high blood pressure and diabetes, I may well have to do a regular cardio regime. Question will be whether I need to go on medication ...


Tracy said...

i can almost say with guaranteed certainty, that you will not have to go on blood pressure medication if you do consistant cardio.
my husbands dropped significantly after training consistently along with yoga in just 3 months.
try it..
i am 48 and my BP is 117 over 65
been a runner for over 30 years AND a yogini!
best of luck my friend~

M_in_M said...

Hi Tracy. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I've been borderline hypertensive for quite some time now. I've always been active. I have put in even more effort on the cardio to bring it down - but the BP has refused to drop. It could be genes - in any case, medication can't be too bad, right? As long as I can continue with my usual practice, and of course, futsal and some cardio activities! Thanks again.