Sunday, August 30, 2009

5am Start Time

I thought I was seeing wrong or needed reading glasses. After extending the card further away, the start time still read 5am. Last year, my start time was 8.45am. Just when I got over my shock, I was then told to follow the time as displayed by the clock in the shala; which upon closer examination is 15 minutes fast! So, effectively, start time is 4.45am! Which means bedtime is latest at 8pm. So, sorry, can't stay up and chat. Got to get myself in sleep mode soon.


Ursula said...

This means the shala must be almost empty, isn't it?

Early up, early in bed - this is a heathy lifestyle....enjoy. It is only for 14 days.
It is always good to do something differently than usually.


M_in_M said...

Yes. Heard there were 25 people in the led class yesterday (Sunday).

Had my first early practice. I like it - even did my finishing in the changing room.