Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Thoughts Before Heading Off

I'm finally leaving for Mysore tomorrow! It will be exactly a year to when I first left for Mysore. I thought I would not be nervous, but as the days grew nearer, some panic and doubts are starting to creep in. What am I doing again? The first time I went was to see the source of this magical practice, to feel the place where it began and to meet the people who started teaching this. Well, I've done that. Yet, the longing to go back has been building up over the year - so much so when the opportunity arises, I grabbed it.

What do I hope to achieve this time? I'm only going for two weeks. Well, in some ways, this time makes more sense. I've been there, studied there for the same duration. If the longing is there, it can't be a look into the unknown, be a tourist and take in the sights. I find myself looking forward to seeing and learning from Saraswathi again, looking forward to a regular practice, maybe even a vegetarian diet - although I'm slightly apprehensive as to whether I have made sufficient progress in this one year. Though I know it makes more sense to go for a longer period, I simply can't afford the time. These two weeks are already a luxury, and this I can't thank my better half enough. I'll come back a more patient man!

Well, time to pack and gather myself together. Next time, I'll be reporting from Mysore!


yoga and wellness said...

Have a good and enriching journey!

Ursula said...

Is that true, what I read?
You travel again to Mysore? How wonderful.

I'll be in India too, in September. But it will be Mumbai this time.

I wish you a safe trip, and lots of inspirations in Mysore.

Sometimes I wish I could be on several places at the same time. This is not yet possible for me.

Happy times


M_in_M said...

Thank you, Karin! And yes, it's true, Ursula. Just arrived in Mysore and will be practicing with Saraswathi for 2 weeks. Weather is really nice - well, from what I've experienced since 11pm till now - 4am! About 21 °C - cool weather for a Malaysian! Ok, time for a nap - hoping to watch the led classes later!