Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Futsal And Yoga?

Was wondering whether to get up early this morning. So far, I've had a led class on Sunday and did self practice on Monday and Tuesday. That's three days in a row! So, I decided to give this 41 year old body a rest. Besides, I have futsal planned for this evening.

Ya ya I know - playing futsal makes my hamstrings tight and slow down my progress in flexibility. Still, playing football was my first love. And first love is hard to let go. It's a different kind of love to yoga. I don't think the spirit of ahimsa is quite there when playing football.

I do think yoga and football can complement each other. I know of footballers who were state players going through meditation program and they reported an improved focus and performance during their matches. If only I knew this during my school days ...

I like to think playing football does have its benefits in yoga. Maybe it helps with the breathing?

Whatever. Football is fun and we can all use a bit of that.


Tracy said...

i thinnk it's a good thing to do other sports along with yoga~ my first love..running, definately compliments my yoga. and it DOES help with the breathing too!! cross training..important!!!

M_in_M said...

Thanks for your comments. I love running, too. So meditative ... and the high after a nice run!