Friday, January 2, 2009

Yes Man

A new start to the year - usually a time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for a better future. Watched "Yes Man" over the Christmas period, which gave me the idea for this year's resolution - Don't Shy Away From New Challenges.

For a creature of habit like me, the resolution itself will be a challenge. Anyway, here's to a new year and new adventures!


Yes is what I say said...

Awesome. I just came back from Yes Man movie late at night in the cinema. Jim Carrey is so hillarious. He is funny and made me laugh the entire movie. It is a fun to watch movie, his plot is pretty similiar to those in Liar Liar. Overall good one.

M_in_M said...

I am a fan of Jim Carrey too. Being one who dislike changes, I felt Yes Man was speaking to me - get out of your shell and explore!!

I going to try and say yes more at work and see where that'll lead me!