Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Practice Notes

Nothing much to blog about except that I'm quietly enjoying my practice - not trying too hard to achieve anything, but just enjoying the movements and breaths within the confines of my mat.

I managed to bind (with help of course) on both sides of Marichyasana D last Sunday. The last two mornings I was tempted to move past Marichyasana D this morning during my self practice. But for the time being, I think I'll stop there until I can bind by myself.

That said, I've moved past that in led classes. In fact last Sunday's led class comprised primary up to Navasana and then the first few poses of second - up to Kapotasana! I don't even know if that is the right spelling - well, Kapo it is for now. Those second series poses take so much out of me!! But, amazingly, the backbends during finishing sequence felt comfortable. My usual "machine gun" breaths during the backbends was replaced by normal sounding breaths and I could even play around with shifting weight between my hands and feet.

Tiring though it is, I can see benefits in doing those first few poses of second series. Someone mentioned doing those poses is very energising. I'm probably a long way from being there as 3 hours after the class, my energy level went flat and I was dead to the world. Lucky the class was on a Sunday!


sugar said...

i read your blog few days before & felt interesting especially in the Mysore! I was interested to take a short course at Mysore too! can u provide some info for me thru this email: siawhua@yahoo.com, like the address, the fees, etc!

M_in_M said...

Dear Sugar,

You have mail!

sugar said...

thank you very much. I also wanted to try your studio. May b after CNY.