Monday, September 7, 2009

7 Sept - First Use Of ATM In Mysore

Took me all of 3 weeks before I found an ATM that I could use in Mysore. If your ATM has an icon with the word "PLUS" on it, there's an ATM machine next to Barista (coffee outlet like a Starbucks) that will work. It is an Axis Bank ATM, and it's on Temple Road. Sorry, just a reference point for future use, plus it is a big relief to know I have access to my bank account in Malaysia.

Back to my practice. Mysore style today. Was taking it easy as I was feeling tired when I woke up. Somehow, found some energy midway through standing. Was able to stay steady during Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana but I had help - plus the counts are faster when there's help during self practice classes. Yay! But she stayed to make sure the leg stayed parallel to the floor when hands are back at the waist. So, can't let go of focus.

Marichyasana D seemed easier to bind today - well, I hope Saraswathi think so too. I think I'm getting an idea of the alignment she wanted during Marichyasana D. It makes it harder to bind as it requires more twist in the body. In the long run, it will be good for me.

I'm still quite pleased I found out about the ATM. Next time I don't have to lug around a money belt with me all the time!


Tova said...

does the ATM next to the shala not work for you?

M_in_M said...

Hi Tova. To be honest, I didn't try using the one next to the shala. I did look at it but I couldn't find the icon with the word "PLUS". Does it work for you?

Tova said...

yes, with an american bank card, but does not work for my house mate with an english bank card. might as well try?

M_in_M said...

Hi Tova. I don't quite have the courage to use the ATM if I can't find the "PLUS" icon on it. I have this fear that it would confiscate my card for being a "bad card".

Tova said...

oh, funny :) it doesn't have the capability to suck the card all the way in. but, if you aren't comfortable you certainly shouldn't! and it sounds like you are heading home soon anyways :)