Thursday, September 3, 2009

Led Class - 3 Sept

Led class this morning. Not sure whether I was nervous, but I slept badly the night before. Woke up tired, and thought, thank goodness, tomorrow is moonday. I would just practice and go back to rest. Reached shala early and took a space at the back - less pressure, I had hoped. I was glad I went early. I could sit and look around the shala. There was a big painting of Guruji at the center of the stage and another big picture beside it. Felt moved, just sitting there and looking at the painting, with Guruji smiling back at us.

Slowly the shala began to fill up. One thing that struck me is the reverent atmosphere before class begin. There were no chit chat in the room. Any voices heard were from the changing room and even then it's kept to a minimum and in low volume. It's quite something to see so many people in a room, waiting with total silence.

Then Saraswathi came and all stood at the front of the mat. Opening chant, and then the class began. That first inhale, as the hands went up, was so breathtaking. I guess I was taken aback as I had not taken a led class with so many students. Any tiredness felt earlier was replaced by adrenaline from that first inhale. Even my breaths seemed noticeably louder.

Class was fun. Everyone was moving in unison, each transition is held until the next vinyasa is called. This year, Saraswathi's count seem to be a lot longer. By the time, I reached Navasana, I was a spent force. After that, I happily sat and watch the other inspiring practices around me.

Joined back at backbends. Was glad I had the rest between Navasana and backbends. The counts seemed like it was played out in slow motion. Class finished with closing chant, which I could barely do as I was out of breath. Next practice is another led class, coming this Sunday. Can't wait!

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