Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Practice - 9 Sept

It's funny how natural it has become to start getting ready for bed when it's still light outside. At first it took some getting used to; but now 7.30pm felt like bedtime. Last night I was woken up by a knock on my door in the middle of the night. Well, I say in the middle of the night; it was really around 9. He asked whether I was ready to go some place. He only realised he had the wrong room when his friend told him. After that, I was wide awake and quietly cursing him, planning ways to steal his sleep. The thought of knocking on his door when I'm leaving for yoga the next morning (this morning) came to mind. "Are you ready to go to class? Oops, sorry, got the wrong room." Soon as "yoga" flashed into my mind, I quickly admonished myself for entertaining such thoughts.

Nevertheless, practice continues to be enjoyable. There is something about practicing together with such dedicated aspirants (I picked up this word from Yoga Mala). In football, the standard of play generally goes up when you are up against a really good team. I think it is the same practicing here. Not that I'm up against anybody; I hope you know what I mean. Binding continues to be easier - well, incrementally - but at least it is not going backwards. What I really enjoy is the energy in the shala and Saraswathi's presence - always watchful and always there when needed.

This morning I caught sight of Sharath! He was with his son. Nice surprise as I thought he was away on a world tour. I don't think he will teach, but how nice it would be if he did for my last 2 practices to come!

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