Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Led Class - 6 Sept

Had been looking forward to today's led class. Having Friday and Saturday off felt like a weekend - so much so, yesterday I had a mild panic attack and thought I missed Sunday's led class. Talk about spaced out yogi!

As expected, the shala came to life with the first resonating inhale as the hands go up in unison. Managed not to dance so much in Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana, although my breathing has none of the serenity associated with yoga. Was really grateful to Saraswathi when she came to adjust me in Mari D. Even though I was bit stiff, she gave me two goes on the right side, and then stayed to help with the left. By Navasana, I was trying to catch my breath from my efforts in Mari D. But then, with the slow counting during Navasana, I lost my breath again and by the fifth Navasana, I was a shaking wreck. So, haha, made it through Navasana. Now, I could relax and watch the rest sweat. Just as I got comfortable, Saraswathi smiled and ask me to do Bhujapidasana. So much for resting, but I was like the dog I met this morning, happy for any attention.

After class, rushed back to clean up and made it to Mass at Sacred Heart Church at Yadav Giri. Made good time and was even early. All of a sudden, I was asked by one of the church helpers to read the first reading. I wanted to say I can't but somehow "sure" came out. Was so nervous that I nearly read the wrong reading. Thank goodness, someone came to help with the microphone and I discretely pointed at the section I was supposed to read and got a discrete nod back.

Well, considering the last two days of not doing much, except read, eat, and walk into shops, I felt really productive this morning and it's not even half past ten!


Anonymous said...

Wah she adjusts you even during led class! Sounds like you are happy to be done with the moon days and back on your mat again. Has mysore changed at all in the last year? Are people generally upbeat?

M_in_M said...

Great to be back on the mat. One day break is good - two days seem like forever! Mysore is a lot quieter than last year. Room rates have dropped, even the taxi rates to and fro Bangalore Airport has dropped. People, as always, are friendly; even more so now as there are less people.

Craig said...

Hey man--awesome blog on Mysore. When you mention the slow count in Navasana, could you give me an idea of how slow (how many seconds between each count). thanks

M_in_M said...

Thanks, Craig. It's around 8 seconds per count. Her count is very consistent - the fifth count is the same as the first. Normally, the duration of my breaths get shorter with the number of breath, especially in demanding asanas! I love Saraswathi's led classes, lots to learn in keeping with the counts!

Craig said...

Just to verify--it's 8 seconds between counting 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 for each Navasana so each of the 5 Navasanas take 40 seconds.
My time between the counts is about 4-5 seconds (one breathe).

M_in_M said...

Hi Craig. That's right - around 40 seconds for each Navasana.