Monday, September 7, 2009

Practice - 8 Sept

Beginning to feel more and more settled practicing in this famous shala. Was able to remember the alignment that I've been trying to get into for Mari D, and applied the same alignment for Mari C. It certainly felt different, and the binds were deeper. On one side, I'm almost reaching my wrist! And doing this for Mari C seemed to help for Mari D. It was quicker to bind, and I hope less work for Saraswathi this week than last.

Last week in Mysore. Time has flown! Going to savour the next few practices till I leave.


Anonymous said...

Dunno anything about mari D alignment but glad that you are understanding it better. Did you find the massage sisters after you got the phone number?

M_in_M said...

I did call; but Harini is away for 2 months. So, I didn't go. But someone told me that taking a castor oil bath once a week does help the body. Apparently, Sharath does that. Don't quote me, though.