Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to Practice - 4 Sept

Yesterday shala was closed as it was a festival to celebrate the birth of Ganesh. Some of the practitioners practiced on their own. Me .. I took a day off. Already I've been vegetarian since I arrived (does eating eggs count as being vegetarian?).

Back to practice at 8.45am. I was slightly early but was slightly taken aback that Sharath was still there. He told me to come in. And I heard Saraswathi called out, "tomorrow you come at 8am". I'm assuming she's talking to me; otherwise it shall be interesting tomorrow.

Finally beginning to feel more settled. Was stopped at Marichysana D but this time Saraswathi got me to touch my fingers on my left side. Yahoo! The right side is still quite far away. But mini breakthrough is good.

Had lunch at Om Shanti. Very nice thali. After lunch, a student ask me to fill up a survey. Soon as I say yes, four other students came over with their own surveys. I think I spent 20 minutes, finishing up their surveys. Hey, got to give them a good impression of Malaysians, right?

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