Monday, September 1, 2008

My 7.30am Practice - 2 Sept

Today I was allocated an early time as it is the start of a festival. I went early to try and catch glimpses of the advanced practitioners, some of whom had started at 4.45am and had already finished by the time I arrived. There were 2 other people ahead of me in the waiting area. "One more", an authoritative voice rang out. I barely have time to sneak a peek when two "one more" rang out and it's my turn!

It is a whole different scene from yesterday when I went in. It was packed with mats side by side. For today, my class is mixed together with Sharath's students as well. I was told to put my mat at the back. Sandwiched between two practitioners who were in the midst of doing some crazy advanced pose, I quietly put my mat down and promptly went to the changing room to compose myself. Good thing about today was at least in my row there were a few men.

It was hard not to look around. The moment I looked around, I lost count of how many sun salutations I did. Never mind, just focus on the breath. Even then, these practitioners' breath are so loud, they play havoc on me concentrating on counting my own breath. But it was amazing to be practicing in such an atmosphere - in footballing terms, it would be like having a kick-about with Manchester United players at Old Trafford!

Saraswathi was great. The times she came to help or adjust me, she always had a smile. I got up to Mari D (I can't spell it!) before I was told to do the finishing poses. Can't wait for Thursday to start again ...

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