Friday, September 12, 2008

Practice - 12 Sept

Today, when I started, I did not expect anything but just focused on deep breaths and extending my ribs. Somehow or other, when I got to the sitting asanas, I felt much more energy than yesterday, and the ribs did not bother me too much. When it came to Marichyasana D on the right side, I got more of my fingers to interlocked and Saraswathi could even let go of me! Wow, when I least expect it. The left side was also better - I could get the right elbow round the left knee. Saraswathi even asked me to try it again. Still could not touch the fingers - but much improvement from yesterday! Celebrated afterwards with breakfast at Santosha.

One more practice, which is a led class tomorrow. Then it's back to Malaysia. I had an absolutely great time and experience here. But I feel ready and looking forward to going back to Malaysia. Hopefully, I'll bring home new and productive habits when I get back ...

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