Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friday Practice - 5 Sept

Today, as I reached the shala just before 8am, I could hear Sharath's voice counting. Sharath was conducting a led class, where he would lead the students through the primary series and count the number of breaths one should take in a particular pose.
When it came to Uth Pluthi, where you lift up with your hands while in lotus, Sharath counted one and stopped counting for a good 30 seconds before he called out "two". Those of us who were watching laughed while the looks of those practicing, well, looked worried! Tomorrow I have a led class, so perhaps I should not laugh too much.

Today's practice was great. Because of the led class, students in Saraswathi's class start at almost the same time. It is nice to now recognise familiar faces, one of whom I'm thankful for as her blog has helped my preparations for this trip. As always, Saraswathi came to help me at the asana I'm stuck at, Marichysana D. It's amazing - this small 67 year old woman doing her best to bind this stiff man. So I also tried my best to get into position. My face must have gone either red from the effort or pale from lack of breathing. So there we are - the both of us trying our best. And when the moment passed, we smiled at each other. That was a great moment to remember.


Ursula said...

Saraswathi has more compassion with us students. So we do not have to hold it soooooo long.

It's a bit of fun at the end of an exhausting practice.

Enjoy the market.....and your practices, of course.


M_in_M said...

Thanks. The market was so colourful. Great for taking pictures!