Saturday, September 6, 2008

Led Class - 6 Sept

Saraswathi's count during led class was very even - not fast nor slow and consistent! One thing I noticed was the number of sun salutations B was 3, rather than 5. Saraswathi came over to help when I was wobbling around during the balancing poses. I tried to focus on my dristhis (gazing points) as I feared if our eyes should meet, she would be asking, "why dancing?"

I could at last look around when my part of the asanas is over. The practices of the other students are very inspiring. Maybe one day, I'll reach there.


Elizabeth said...

Wow! You got to do led class with Sharath's advanced students, and in the main shala too! Four years ago I enjoyed the led class too but got stopped at Marychy B or C! Don't worry I'll be following your exploits in Mysore closely. Namaste, Beth

M_in_M said...

Actually, it was led with Saraswathi. And the students are just as advanced! Very inspiring. And practicing at the main shala, with pictures of Guruji and Krishnamacharya looking on ... awesome!