Thursday, September 18, 2008

My First Practice After Mysore - 18 Sept

It's been 5 days since my last practice in Mysore. So I unrolled my mat for a rare self practice at home. I felt lethargic so I decided to focus on deep slow breathes, rather than getting deep. Besides Malaysia is a lot more humid and hotter than Mysore. As I was doing sun salutations A, I wondered whether I should do 3 instead of 5. I decided to do what I did in Mysore - which is 5 sun A and 3 sun B.

Throughout my practice, I kept the memory of Mysore in my mind. That had somehow helped me get through my practice. In fact, I felt more energy in the middle of my practice and managed to get quite deep in the asanas. I still can't bind in Marichyasana D but I feel I'm progressing in the right direction. Practice, practice and all is coming!

And I still remember Sharath's conference - you do what you can in this lifetime, and continue what you don't finish in your next lifetimes. Also, he mentioned Santosha - be happy and content with what you have (in material things and in other things, such as luxury of time to practice and your own physical limits).

With that, I think I've brought back something from Mysore that I can use anytime.


Anonymous said...

i hope you keep posting!

M_in_M said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your encouraging comment! My original intention was to just blog about my stay in Mysore. After all, I had the free time when I was in Mysore and when I'm back, I will have no more free time.

However, now that I have started this blog, I've come to appreciate why people maintain a blog. Many times things happen, we experience them and let it pass. Blogging gives one a chance to reflect and also one pay more attention to what's happenning!

So, I'll try and keep this blog going as long as I can; though I can't be as regular as my practice will not be as regular and time (aka laziness) dictates so.