Monday, September 1, 2008

Mysore, At Last! - 31 Aug

Finally, I'm in Mysore. The hotel I'm staying in is called the Green Hotel. It has really beautiful gardens and my room looks out onto them!

After quickly settling in, I set off to the shala to register. I was reminded of my university days when we approached the shala - there were pockets of what looks obviously like yoga students standing out amongst the locals. I saw Saraswathi for the first time - she was friendly and also has a strong decisive presence. She led me to a room to register and there was Sharath sitting in the room! So, I quickly said namaste and smiled like an idiot. I hope I don't practice like an idiot tomorrow. I was told to practice the next morning at 8.45am.


Anonymous said...

Hey hey! Green Hotel, what fond memories! I love the handpainted furniture in the Travellers Rooms, and food is just so amazing! I had frogs 'serenading' me to sleep as there was a pond just outside my room.
I just came across your blog. Spent a month in India just before last X'mas, and a week practising in Mysore. Didn't go to Saraswathi's but attended daily classes at Yoga Mandala instead ( They also teach ashtanga and hatha classes.
Mysore is truly magical, and the energy during practice as well as from the teachers, is truly inspiring - I totally hear you!
I'll be going back to Mysore in March for a yoga course - can't wait :)

Have a beautiful practice, and enjoy your yoga journey!

M_in_M said...

Thank you for your comments. The food is so fantastic at the Green hotel. And my time in Mysore is truly special - I still reflect on my time there as I find it helps my practice! Happy practicing, too!