Monday, September 1, 2008

My First Practice - 1 Sept

I was 25 minutes early. So I walked around, and found an internet cafe nearby. I will check it out after my practice. I then waited in the waiting area when I was told to start my practice. I instinctively put my mat in the back row and started my practice. Soon more people turned up and it became painfully obvious (I hope it's coincidence) that all the men was practicing in the front row and the row I'm in were all women!

Anyway, too late. I had started to practice. It was hard not to be in awe being in this famous shala. As soon as I thought of this, I put my wrong foot forward in Sun Salutation B. Hoping Saraswathi did not notice I quietly went on as if nothing is wrong. Other than that, practicing with Saraswathi is great. She has such a strong presence that when she says something, you would do your best to follow.

Towards the end of the practice, she told me to start tomorrow at 7.30am. I could barely notice her next message about the shala being closed on Wednesday, being a festival day, for my head was starting to swell up. As if she could sensed that, she then said, "After holiday, you start again at 8.45am". My ego went back to the novice yogi state.

I can now say I've practice in the main shala!!


Edwin said...

This is good. Love the pics, will keep checking in. You've got to be pretty masochistic for this. Respect! Ed
BTW Shen says hi, loved the train

M_in_M said...

Great that you love the pics. The next few postings may be without pics as my charger was struck by a power cut. I have to use my laptop sparingly now as battery life is only 75%. However, I can use the internet cafe here so I'll post the text and fill in with pics later.