Monday, September 8, 2008

Sharath's Conference - 7 Sept

Every Sunday, Sharath has a conference in the shala, where he would sit on the stage in front of the students and give a talk or discuss yoga matters.

It's quite amazing to see all the students (and so many!) literally sit straighter as soon as he walks onto the stage. He came across as very confident and speaks in such a way that he held his audience captive; partly I suspect because he spoke so sincerely.

Today, he talked about choosing the right guru and being committed to a practice. Someone asked whether other types of yoga also lead to the same destination. Sharath's reply was that yoga done with spiritual intent would lead to the right path.

He also touched on Niyama and elaborated a little on diet. As someone who loves food, I kept my head down. Now and then, he would make light jokes. But his messages were quite clear - to follow the path of yoga requires studies or research, commitment, following the right guru, always reflecting on the practice and discipline.

Yikes! I guessed I'm still quite far away. Although he did say, even if one don't get there in this lifetime, there are other lifetimes to catch up. Well, that's something to build on ...

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Elizabeth said...

I agree, it's really hard to do what Sharath advises but at least you're trying in your own way. I'm struggling with the practice, meditation, study and food this week - the discipline involved is tough. Namaste, Beth.