Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday - 7 Sept

The autorickshaw stopped beside me just as I was getting hungry and the drizzle had just started. Thinking it's a good time for lunch at the hotel, I agreed to use the ride. Not before some bargaining for I have now been in Mysore a whole week. "How much to Green hotel?" "20 rupees" "Oh, ok"

So much for bargaining. 20 rupees is the cheapest quote I ever had; normally I'm charged between 30 to 40 rupees. "So, this is the true rate", I reflected knowingly when unexpectedly the autorickshaw came to a stop. Curious, I looked out and saw the Green Leaf foodcourt ahead of me. Feeling glad the driver could not read my thoughts, I nonchalantly got out and hand him the 20 rupees. Besides, I had heard of this place but have yet to try its food.

I had a great vegetarian briniani.


Lars said...

Hello M-i-M,
No need to post this comment, I just wanted to make contact with you. Since you are in KL(?) Yes? do you practice with David Byck and others at the Hotel in the Golden Triangle?
I was in Mysore last year and on the return trip home I stopped over in Malaysia to visit old friends there. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer living and working in PJ and then in Ipoh from 1967 - 1972. I am not sure how long you will be in Mysore, but you should give the Durga Bhavan (kedai makan) a try. Chuba-lah! It is in the first block after the Ganesha Temple on the same side of the street. The food is delicious and very typical South Indian vegetarian. Speaking of food, my overall favorite is Malaysian. The unique diversity and blending of flavors - I have so many favorites.
I hope to return to Mysore again next year and will plan another stopover in Malaysia when I do. Perhaps we could meet up then for practice.
Until then, best wishes for a pleasant stay in Mysore.
Lars Neises

M_in_M said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely keep a look out for Durga Bhavan - as u probably gather, eating is a favourite pastime of a Malaysian.

Yes, I know David Byck. Sometimes I go to Westin hotel when there is a visiting teacher. Most times, I go to a studio in SS2 .

Great to hear from you.
- Chin